You are not alone

If you are critically ill, you have a lot on your mind. You want to receive good personal treatment as quickly as possible, but it will also take – apart from a lot of energy – quite a bite out of your budget. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about the latter. Most hospitalisation insurance plans pay the cost of treatment for a critical illness all year round, also apart from hospital admissions.

We describe below the reimbursement of medical expenses in the event of a critical illness. The conditions described below apply for hospitalisation insurance taken out by your employer at AG Employee Benefits.
When does an illness become a critical illness?
Your hospitalisation insurance uses a list of covered critical illnesses.

Although hospitalisation insurance in principle only intervenes if and when you are hospitalized, most insurance companies make an important exception by reimbursing the treatment of critical illnesses the whole year round.  Hospitalisation insurers therefore work with a predefined list of illnesses that are covered under the special Critical illnesses guarantee. This list differs from insurer to insurer and usually contains 20 to 30 illnesses such as cancer, leukaemia, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

The treatment costs for illnesses not on the list will only be reimbursed for hospital stays related to the illness.

In most plans, AG Employee Benefits covers 30 critical illnesses (check the list in French and Dutch). To know exactly what you are covered against, we advise you to check with your HR department. Or to log in to My Global Benefits.

How to use the Critical illnesses guarantee?

General operation

We give below the procedure at AG Employee Benefits, but other insurers use a similar approach.

  • Diagnosis
    If you learn that you are suffering from a serious illness, you would be advised to take time to let things settle.  
  • Application and activation
    Once you are over your initial emotions, you should start the application process as soon as possible to activate the Critical illnesses cover. This is done in writing using the claim form or online. To accelerate the activation process, you should provide the AG Employee Benefits advising physician with a medical report drawn up by your general practitioner containing the diagnosis and planned treatment of your illness. The claim form and the medical report can be sent together by post or email. The Critical illnesses guarantee will be activated as long as you are in treatment.

  • (One-day) hospitalisation
    Where the treatment of your critical illness calls for hospitalisation (e.g. chemotherapy or dialysis), you can report this in advance online, by telephone or in writing. You will find a detailed explanation here.  

  • End of the cover
    The insurance cover ends when the medical report shows that you are cured and there are no more signs of the illness.
  • Relapse
    If the illness returns after a time, the Critical illnesses cover can be reactivated. In that case, the above procedure is repeated.


How do you request the reimbursement of your medical expenses?

You can collect all medical expenses (invoices, certificates,...) in connection with your critical illness and submit them for reimbursement. These can be hospital bills, but also the purchase of medicines or a treatment by a specialist. For a smooth handling of your file, the best thing is to gather your invoices and receipts and submit them 2 times a year. In this way you are reimbursed quickly and you keep track of the costs submitted.

Tip: you can ask your sickness fund for a list of the medical costs you have incurred both online and at their branch office.

You can accelerate the activation of the Critical illnesses cover by attaching a medical report.
What if you are unable to work for a long period?
An Occupational disability  insurance provides an additional income on top of the legally provided benefits.

​It is possible that your employer has taken out Occupational disability  insurance for you. This insurance provides an additional income on top of the legally provided benefits.

The Waiver of Premiums guarantee ensures that the regular payments into your group insurance continue, even if you are away from work for a long time, in which case your employer is no longer obliged to pay premiums. In this way the accrual of your supplementary pension is not endangered.

If you are insured through your employer at AG Employee Benefits you can log in to My Global Benefits to see if your employer offers you an Occupational disability or a Waiver of Premiums insurance.