Submitting medical expenses

Request a refund for your medical expenses

Everything you need to know about refunds for medical expenses


Pre-admission and post-discharge medical expenses

In most cases, a hospital stay is not an isolated incident. Preliminary diagnostics as well as specific post-discharge treatment are usually required. With your Hospicare hospital plan, we cover the medical expenses you incur in connection with an inpatient stay for a set pre-admission and post-discharge period. Depending on the terms of your policy, this period is 1+3 months or 2+6 months. For example, 1+3: for a hospital stay from 10-15 June, we cover the cost of pre-admission and post-discharge treatment from 9 May to 16 September. In case you are undergoing treatment for a critical illness, Hospicare will cover your costs all year round.

Outpatient medical care

Not all outpatient medical expenses are related to a recent hospital stay. If you have Ambucare Flexible outpatient care coverage through your employer, you will be entitled to claim a refund for co-payments and supplemental charges for outpatient services, year-round. Be sure to check whether your employer provides this additional coverage!

Claiming a refund for your medical expenses

Step 1: File all receipts, invoices and claim payment summaries from the Sickness Fund. No need to send in the green treatment forms issued by your GP or  specialist – these should be submitted to your Sickness Fund for payment.

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate expense report form below (hospital stay vs outpatient care)

Step 3: Send all invoices and receipts to the address below

1) Medical expenses before and/or after a hospital stay or to treat a critical illness

Fill out the form "Procedure for submitting medical expenses" and send it in along with your receipts.

2) Outpatient medical care

Fill out the form "Procedure for submitting outpatient care expenses" and send it in along with your receipts.

Send in your receipts to: 

AG Insurance
Health Care Department
Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 53
1000 Bruxelles



Few tips

Tip 1:    In the event of hospital stay, be sure to provide us with all the details – and preferably prior to admission, if possible. 
             Once you have reported your claim, we will send you a form with instructions on how to collect a refund for medical expenses associated with 
             an inpatient stay.
             Click here to report your hospital stay.

Tip 2:   Rather than sending us your outpatient care expenses in drips and drabs, file them for safekeeping and send them in just once per year.
            Don't forget to include a copy of the claim payment summaries from your Sickness Fund.
            This way, it will be easier for you to keep track of your insurance claims. As it also streamlines processing for us, you'll get your money back even faster.