My Healthcare Card

Read on to find out more about the handy features of this little card!

​My Healthcare Card: the little card that makes your life easier in big ways

Just hand your card to your pharmacist, and your itemised receipts will be forwarded to AG Insurance automatically for payment. It’s quick and painless!

​My Healthcare Card: what’s in it for me?

Here’s a story you can probably relate to. You’ve come home from the hospital, but still have to take medication while you’re recovering. After picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, you’re supposed to send your itemised receipts to your hospitalisation insurance for a refund. Of course, you only find half of them days or weeks later, crumpled up in your pocket, or – worse – you have no idea what you did with them. With your My Healthcare Card, keeping track of those annoying little pieces of paper will become a thing of the past. How? Once you’re ready to pay for your purchases, you simply present your card to the pharmacist and that’s all there is to it. Your itemised receipts will be instantly forwarded to AG Insurance, and you’ll get your money back even faster than ever!

But that’s not all – your My Healthcare Card also serves as a handy cheat sheet, providing you with all the important details you need to activate coverage in the event of an emergency hospital admission. We’ll open up a case file for you straight away, which means we’ll be able to bring your claim to closure quickly and painlessly.

My Healthcare Card: how does it work?

Using your card really couldn’t be easier: you simply hand it to your pharmacist to scan, and that’s all there is to it. Your itemised receipts will be instantly forwarded to AG Insurance, and your prescription medication refunded automatically. No more forms to fill out, no pesky little receipts to keep track of – from now on, the process is fully automatic!

Check here in which pharmacy of your area your My Healthcare Card can be scanned (only available in French and Dutch).

To do: activate your card!

To start using your My Healthcare Card at the pharmacy, you’ll first need to activate it online. To do so, click here, before you forget!

One more thing: your My Healthcare Card is strictly personal. Have kids at home? Be sure to activate their cards as well.


​Activate now your My Healthcare Card