Hospicare for your present and future needs

What happens with your hospitalisation insurance when you leave the company you work for?

When you leave your company, do you also lose your corporate hospitalisation insurance?

In most cases, when you leave your company (due to retirement, resignation, dismissal, etc.), you also lose your right to corporate coverage.

But rest assured, you won’t be left without a safety net: the Verwilghen Act gives you the right to continue your corporate coverage on an individual basis.

The downside, however, is that the rate is almost always higher than the rate paid for the corporate plan. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to keep premiums affordable when transitioning to individual continuation coverage. The solution? AG Care Vision.

Individual continuation coverage: converting Hospicare into AG Care Continuity

If you opt for individual continuation coverage, your corporate hospital plan (Hospicare) will be converted into an individual plan: AG Care Continuity. The policy will be in your name instead of your employer's, and you will be entitled to equivalent covers as in your corporate plan.


As long as you have been continuously enrolled in the Hospicare plan for at least two years and apply for individual continuation within 30 days of losing your corporate coverage, continuation will be provided automatically, with no medical questionnaire to fill out. If you wish, you can even upgrade your covers (subject to approval based on your answers to a brief medical history questionnaire). This gives you the freedom you set your coverage levels yourself to best match your needs and budget.


Applications for individual continuation coverage must be filed in writing using the specific form provided for this purpose. To obtain this form, ask your employer for a copy or download it here.


Did you know that individual continuation is not just for employees that left the company? Young adults who have left the family home or are over the age of 25 are also eligible for continuation coverage on an individual basis.

AG Care Vision: the security of lifetime hospitalisation coverage at affordable rates


Most of the time, individual continuation coverage comes with a massive increase of your monthly premium. This is because insurers apply the rate corresponding to your age at the time of continuation: the older you are, the more you pay. Fortunately, AG Insurance has come up with a way to neutralise the sting of higher premiums. The solution? AG Care Vision. With an AG Care Vision contract, you can save yourself thousands of euros later when you retire and apply for continuation coverage.


Let's say you take out an AG Care Vision contract in 2015, when you're 35. In 2045, at the age of 65, you retire and lose your corporate plan as a result. At that time, your AG Care Vision is converted into a full-fledged AG Care Hospitalisation plan. Even beyond 2045, you will only be charged the applicable rate for a 35-year-old in 2015, not the rate for a 65-year-old in 2045.


The same applies to children who leave the family home and transition into adulthood. By signing them up for AG Care Vision while they are still young, you will be giving them the gift of lifetime coverage at affordable rates. A more attractive alternative to simply squirreling money away in a savings account!


And there's more to AG Care Vision than just keeping your individual continuation premiums low. Once you lose your corporate plan, your AG Care Vision will be converted into AG Care Hospitalisation, the most comprehensive individual hospital plan on the market. In addition, it comes with the security of knowing you're covered for the rest of your life!


In short, AG Care Vision is the ideal solution to keep quality healthcare affordable and accessible throughout your lifetime.

AG Care Vision: securing the present for you and your family


With an AG Care Vision contract, you're judiciously planning for your family's future. But did you know that this type of insurance also goes a long way in securing the present?


As soon as you sign up for AG Care Vision, you'll be entitled to additional benefits on top of your corporate coverage. For example, AG Care Vision covers medical expenses that are outside the scope of your corporate plan, such as prosthetics that are not eligible for statutory compensation by the Sickness Fund, or medical care to treat a critical illness not covered in your corporate plan. Another benefit that comes with AG Care Vision is additional assistance while travelling abroad.


Optional cover: Delta


You can also extend your AG Care Vision contract to include Delta coverage. This is the most comprehensive hospital plan on the market and the best protection against the potential financial burden of a hospital stay. This extended coverage includes the following treatments and services:

pre-admission and post-discharge periods doubled from 2 to 6 monthsthe cost of fertility treatments50% of the cost of alternative medicine


We're sure you'll agree: AG Care Vision has a host of unique features that make it the most comprehensive solution on the market!

Interested? Act now and contact continuation@aginsurance.be for a proposal, or download our flyer.