Card Activation

Act now to activate your My Healthcare Card and start enjoying the many benefits.

How do I activate my card?

All it takes is just three steps to complete the fully secure activation process which links your personal data to your card. This way, we will have all the information we need to refund your money.


Step 1: Start registration

With your My Healthcare Card in hand, click on "Start".

There are two ways to register:
with your identity card and an e-ID card reader (only with a computer), or with a registration code sent to you under separate cover

Keep in mind that your spouse/partner and adult children (18+) will have to go through the registration process themselves in order to activate their cards.  




Step 2: Continue registration

Already have your registration code? No need to go through Step 1 again.

Click on "Register now" to complete your registration.

Be sure you keep your My Healthcare Card and your mobile phone handy as well.

Register now


Step 3: Log in and activate your card now

Already registered? Then you’re ready to log in.

Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll be able to activate your card (and those of your children under 18).

You’ll need your My Healthcare Card and mobile phone for this step as well.

Log in and activate card


My Healthcare Card: how does it work?

The My Healthcare Card was designed to help you cut down on paperwork and clutter. With your personal My Healthcare Card, you will get your money back for your pharmacy purchases in the blink of an eye.

All you have to do is simply present My Healthcare Card to the pharmacist when you are ready to pay for your purchases. Your card will be scanned, your receipts will be forwarded to AG Insurance automatically, and you will get your money back for all eligible out-of-pocket expenses a lot faster than before. No more forms to fill out, no little pharmacy receipts to keep track of! The only catch is that you have to activate your card(s) first. Fortunately, this is a one-time formality.

Already activated your card? Good for you! You can start using at your local pharmacy right away.

Want to find out more about the My Healthcare Card?

Then our Card page is the place to be!

Need some help with the registration process? Take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.


Now that you have you personal registration code, you’re ready to register on My Global Benefits.
Your registration code will be valid for 1 month after reception. Don’t wait too long to register on My Global Benefits.

You'll need your card number to request a registration code.
This is your personal identifier, printed on the front side of the My Healthcare Card and starts with '0079'. This card number is strictly personal: each family member has its own card number.

Once you've received your personal registration code, you can register on the secure zone of My Global Benefits. During the registration process, you'll be prompted to enter your mobile phone number. This is because each time you log in, you'll be asked for a one-time login code that will be sent to you by SMS.

If you're having trouble registering on the My Global Benefits secure zone, contact our online helpdesk: myglobalbenefits.helpdesk@aginsurance.be.
We'll walk you through the registration process and have you up and running in no time.