Elise and their two children

What kinds of expenses will Elise have to cover?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fortunately for her, Elise's healthcare expenses are generally quite low. But this isn't the case for the other members of her family. Lily started speech therapy this year and also had several appointments with the osteopath.

As for Eric, he needs to change his eyeglass frames quite regularly. This year, he had the additional cost of sessions with a dentist.

Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/RIZIV compensation) Refundable via
Ambucare Flexible
​Dentist (2 sessions)
​EUR 90
​EUR 72
Physiotherapist (18 sessions)EUR 216
 EUR 172.80
Start of speech therapyEUR 24 EUR 12
Speech therapy (20 sessions)EUR 480EUR 240
Appointment with ENT (2 sessions)
EUR 48
EUR 38.40
Bloo​d test/other
EUR 50EUR 40
Appointment with GP (4 sessions)EUR 46
EUR 36.80
Osteopath (2 sessions)
EUR 80EUR 40
PharmacyEUR 130EUR 104
Deductible  EUR 75
  EUR 681

  Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/RIZIV compensation) Refundable via
Ambucare Flexible
​Dentist (3 sessions)
​EUR 130 
​EUR 104
Appointment with GP (3 sessions)EUR 34
EUR 27.20
Appointment with ophtalmologistEUR 48
EUR 38.40
Eyeglass framesEUR 399EUR 85
​Orthopedic insole
​EUR 120
​EUR 96
Eyeglasses (lenses)EUR 569 EUR 455

Deductible   EUR 75
Refund   EUR 730.60​

Which option to select?

Elise and her family generate different types of expenses: physiotherapy sessions, appointments with an ophthalmologist, blood tests, etc. For them, Ambucare Flexible​ seems to be the most suitable solution, as 50 to 80% of the costs can be claimed back for a wide range of services*. 

Ambucare Flexible also refunds the cost of dental care, as it incorporates the covers provided by Dental Flex. If Lily or her brother end up needing dental braces one day, the costs can be claimed back through this coverage.

*Certain expenses are subject to progressively higher maximum caps. Check the table on this page for more information.

  • Year One of enrolment = €250
  • Year Two of enrolment = €500
  • Year Three of enrolment and beyond = €1,250​