Isabelle and Stéphane: a couple in their 50s

What kinds of expenses will Isabelle and Stéphane have to cover?

​​​​​​​​​Now that their children have grown and flown the nest, this couple can start making new memories as a twosome. ​And while their overall expenditure may be lower, this is not necessarily the case for their healthcare expenses. Isabelle needs to see a physiotherapist on a regular basis while Stéphane has had several appointments with a nutritionist.​


  Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/​RIZIV compensation) ​Refundable via
Ambucare Flexible
Physiotherapist (18 sessions)EUR 240 EUR 192
Dentist (3 appointments)EUR 130​
EUR 104
Psychologist (3 appointments)EUR 150 ​​ EUR 75
Pharmacy expensesEUR 150  EUR 120
Homeopath (2 appointments)EUR 100 EUR 50
Eyeglasses (lenses) EUR 459EUR 367.20
​EUR 75
EUR 833,20

 ​​ Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/RIZIV com​pensation) ​Refundable via
Ambucare Flexible
Ophthalmologist (2 appointments)
EUR 48
EUR 38.40
General practitioner (4 appointments)
EUR 50
​EUR 40
Dentist (3 appointments)EUR 130
EUR 104
​​Pharmacy expensesEUR 100
 EUR 80
Nutritionist (4 appointments)EUR 320
EUR 160
Eyeglasses (lenses) EUR 529
EUR 430.20
Eyeglass framesEUR 250
EUR 85
EUR 75
EUR 862.60
For Stéphane and Isabelle, Ambucare Flexible seems to be the most suitable solution. With this outpatient care plan, they can claim back a wide variety of expenses (physiotherapy, dentists’ appointments, psychological counselling, etc.), up to €1,250 per year and per insured*. 

 *Certain expenses are subject to progressively higher maximum caps. Check the table on this page for more information.
• Year One of enrolment = €250 • Year Two of enrolment = €500 • Year Three of enrolment and beyond = €1,250