julie single mum

Julie, single mum

What kinds of expenses will Julie have to cover?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Like many children of his age, Max, age 11, has to wear dental braces. While statutory compensation payable by the national Illness-Disability insurance (INAMI/RIZIV) is certainly welcome, it only covers a portion of the costs. Getting braces fitted, maintenance, appointments with the orthodontist… all costs that can be claimed back through dental insurance.

 ​ Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/RIZIV compensation) Refundable via
Dental Flex
Orthodontic treatment*EUR 3,205 EUR 1,250

Deductible​​    EUR 0
 EUR 1,250

Which option to select?

Getting fitted for dental braces is often very expensive. Dental Flex dental insurance covers up to €1,250 for this type of cost. A big share of the costs for Max’s braces can be claimed back and the insurance will cover maintenance for the braces in the years to come. For Julie, a dental plan seems to be the most suitable solution.

*These expenses are subject to progressively higher maximum caps 

  • Year One of enrolment = €250 
  • Year Two of enrolment = €500 
  • Year Three of enrolment and beyond = €1,250