marc single

Marc, singleton

What kinds of expenses will Marc have to cover?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marc is the sporty type. Jogging and hiking are some of his everyday activities. He sometimes needs to see his physiotherapist or an osteopath if he feels sore after a run or other form of intense physical exercise. He also regularly needs to change his eyeglass lenses.

  Remaining costs for the patient (after INAMI/RIZIV compensation) Refundable via
Ambucare Flexible
Physiotherapist (9 sessions)EUR 120EUR 96
Appointment with GP (3 sessions)E​UR 9
EUR 7.2
Appointment with ophtalmologistEUR 48
EUR 38.40
Eyeglass framesEUR 399EUR 85
Eyeglasses (lenses)EUR 569 EUR 455
Deductible   EUR 75
Refund   EUR 578.60

Which option to select?

In Marc's case, Ambucare Flexible is the smartest option as he can use this plan to claim back 80% of the costs of physiotherapy sessions and appointments with the osteopath. A significant reduction in his out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, eyeglass frames (up to a maximum cap of €85) but especially lenses are covered via this insurance.