In a nutshell

AG Employee Benefits will quickly and painlessly reimburse the costs associated with a hospital stay. You advance the funds to settle the hospital bill and other expenses, and then forward the bills to AG Employee Benefits' claims department for a refund.

With the guarantee Medi-Assistance, you don't even have to pay out of your own pocket: AG Employee Benefits will settle the bill directly with the hospital.
Reporting your hospital admission via Medi-Assistance
Report your hospital stay online via Medi-Assistance

If your employer has concluded a Medi-Assistance third party payer agreement for you, your hospital bill will be settled directly between the hospital and AG Employee Benefits.

You don't know whether you are covered by the third-party payer agreement? Please look on your card for the words 'Medi-Assistance'.

I want to report my hospital admission via Medi-Assistance

Reporting a hospital stay without Medi-Assistance

Reporting a hospital stay means opening up a case file with AG Employee Benefits. This is how we keep track of everything we need to know about your hospital stay, from the name of the hospital to the bank account number we can use to refund your medical expenses. To report a hospital stay, use this claim form. Be sure to fill it out carefully: the more details you provide, the faster we can process your claim. All you have to do is send us your claim form along with documentary evidence of the costs associated with your hospital stay (the hospital bill, but also doctors' appointments, medication, physiotherapy sessions, etc.). Subsequent invoices are also eligible for reimbursement.

To find out more about the most effective way to send in your expenses, read through the document "Procedure for submitting medical expenses".

Handy tip

We recommend sending in your claim form together with your hospital bill as well as proof of payment for any other medical expenses. This way, our claims handling department will have all the necessary information to bring your claim to closure quickly and more effectively. 

Send in your claim form along with proof of payment for medical expenses