No financial worries after medical care

Lucky you! Your employer has generously provided you with an AG Employee Benefits hospital plan. Been admitted to the hospital? Need treatment for a critical illness? No need to worry about breaking the bank - your hospital plan will cover your medical expenses. To make sure you get your money back quickly and painlessly, we’ve outlined all the necessary steps below.

Your corporate coverage may also include an outpatient care plan. If so, you’ll also be able to claim back the cost of your medical treatment year-round, even if unrelated to an hospital stay.
Ambulatory medical care
refund medical expenses
With your hospital plan and outpatient care insurance, you get year-round coverage for your medical expenses

Pre-admission and post-discharge medical expenses
In most cases, a hospital stay is not an isolated incident. Preliminary diagnostics are usually required as well as specific post-discharge treatment. Good news: your hospital plan not only covers your hospital bill, but also the medical expenses associated with your inpatient stay, such as pharmacy purchases and doctors’ appointments, for a set pre-admission and post-discharge period. Depending on the terms of your policy, this period is 1-3 months or 2-6 months. For example, 1-3: for a hospital stay from 10 to 15 June, we cover the cost of pre-admission and post-discharge treatment from 9 May to 16 September.

Undergoing treatment for a critical illness (download the list in French or Dutch)? Your hospital plan will cover your costs all year round.

Note: you will only be able to claim back your costs if you have opened a case file for your hospital stay

  • Does your plan come with Medi-Assistance? Report your hospital admission online here, or click here to find out more about the Medi-Assistance option.
  • No Medi-Assistance? Create your case file here, and start filing your medical expenses straight away!

Not sure? Check your card to see if it features the Medi-Assistance logo!

Tip: Once you have reported your claim, we will send you a form with instructions on how to collect a refund for medical expenses associated with an inpatient stay. You also find this form at the bottom of this page.

Outpatient medical care
If you have Ambucare Flexible outpatient care coverage through your employer, you will be entitled to claim a refund for co-payments1 and supplemental charges for outpatient services, year-round. Great news for you, as some outpatient services are unrelated to a recent hospital stay and are therefore not covered by your hospitalisation insurance.
Outpatient care doesn’t necessarily have to be administered in a hospital setting to qualify for coverage. It includes the most common medical treatments and services such as doctors’ appointments, physiotherapy sessions, medical imaging and your monthly pharmacy expenses.

1For example, you pay EUR 22 for a consultation with your General Practitioner. You get EUR 17 back from the Sickness Fund. The difference, EUR 5, is your co-payment.

Refund of your medical expenses

How do you claim a refund from AG Employee Benefits for your medical expenses?

Step 1: File all receipts, invoices and claim payment summaries from the Sickness Fund.
No need to send in the green treatment forms issued by your General Practitioner or specialist – these should be submitted to your Sickness Fund for payment.

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate expense report form below (hospital stay or outpatient care):

Step 3: Send all invoices and receipts to the address below for payment:


Extra tips:

Tip 1: Rather than sending us your outpatient care expenses in drips and drabs, file them for safekeeping and send them in just once or twice per year. Don’t forget to include a copy of the claim payment summaries from your Sickness Fund. This way, it will be easier for you to keep track of your insurance claims. As it also streamlines processing for us, you’ll get your money back even faster.

Tip 2: Already have an activated My Healthcare Card ?Then you no longer need to bother with sending in your itemised pharmacy receipts. Just hand your card to the pharmacist for scanning, and your proof of purchase will be sent to our processing department automatically.

refund medical expenses
In the event of a hospital stay, be sure to provide us with all the details prior to admission