complementary pension

When can I cash in on my group insurance plan?

As a general rule, you claim your complementary pension entitlements when you retire, on your official (early) statutory retirement date.

In certain (rare) cases, you may be allowed to claim your group insurance proceeds earlier. To find out if you qualify, your company's HR department is your first port of call. They will be able to provide more information tailored to your particular circumstances.

My Global Benefits

Ask your employer to get the ball rolling with your access rights to My Global Benefits, our online pension platform specially developed for AG Employee Benefits affiliates. It has all the answers to your burning questions about your complementary pension:

  • How much have you accrued to date?
  • How much will you collect when you retire?

You'll then receive an invitation letter or e-mail with instructions on how to register on My Global Benefits. Once you've completed the registration process, you'll be able to log in and check the maturity date of your pension plan(s) as well as all kinds of other useful information.

The nitty gritty: how do I claim my complementary pension?

Claiming your complementary pension is very simple and doesn't require you to do much of anything yourself. Just keep in mind that the procedure will differ depending on whether the payer is your past or present employer:

  • Your current employer will contact you a few months prior to your retirement date to go through the formalities with you. Your group insurance proceeds will be released to you when you retire, via your employer's pension institution.
  • To collect the group insurance entitlements you earned with previous employers, you simply contact the pension institution once you've retired. As of 2017, your pension institution will be notified directly of your retirement by the federal government.